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P. Senthil Kumar


I teach pranayama (breathing), asanas (postures), relaxation, bandhas and meditation for beginners and advanced students, old and young, children, and everybody else who wants to experience lasting happiness through exercise of body and mind.


Schedule (May/June 2019):

Yoga soft: pranayama, sun salutation, build-up exercises for asanas and light asanas, relaxation
Yoga standard: pranayama, sun salutation, asanas, relaxation, meditation
Yoga advanced: pranayama, sun salutation, advanced asanas, relaxation, meditation
Yoga 50+: extra soft exercises, many breathing exercises and relaxation

Place: Altes Forsthaus - Dachgeschoß,
7053 Hornstein, Burgenland, Rechte Hauptzeile 22,
entrance via elevator (in the courtyard left)

Tue 18.30h - 20.00h: Yoga sanft - German
Spacer(7.5.2019 bis 25.6.2019)
Wed 18.30h - 20.00h: Yoga standard - English
Spacer(8.5.2019 bis 26.6.2019)

Place: 2444 Seibersdorf, Hauptstraße 18 (Volksschule)

Mon 18.15h - 19.45h: Yoga soft - German
Spacer(6.5.2019 bis 24.6.2019)

a) Semester course - fees per course/person:

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: 105€/120€/120€ (7/8/8 units)
incl. reservation of place

[b) Package of 10:
180€ for 10 Yoga-units, plus an 11th unit for free,
to consume within a semester, not transferable]

c) Package of 5:
90€ for 5 Yoga-units,
to consume within a semester, not transferable
Private class (on request): 40€ per unit (ca. 90 minutes) 

REGISTRATION via Email/Phone (Contact).

No class on holidays - see my Calendar!

Semester-course-participants: If you can´t come for a class, please give me notice before 12h (call, SMS, email). If you want to make up for a missed class on another day, you can ask me after 13h on that same day if there is place in the class. After the semester-course is finished, all missed classes expire.

Comfortable clothing.

Important: The main goal during yoga is relaxation and concentration on your body and mind. Should you feel during class that something is too much for you, don´t feel guilty, just lie down on your mat, close your eyes and relax.

Location in Hornstein -
forsthaus yoga
Altes Forsthaus, Dachgeschoß, Rechte Hauptzeile 22,
entrance via elevator (in the courtyard left)


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